As I type this, many people are pondering their New Year’s resolutions. Many people’s goals include getting in shape, finishing a degree, quitting smoking, learning a new skill, paying off debts, and even starting a relationship. These goals are often set when we’re in the midst of eating, drinking, watching TV, and otherwise taking some well deserved time off.

Unfortunately, most of these resolutions are hastily made just hours before the ball drops in Times Square. In a few weeks, possibly days, all efforts will be abandoned entirely.

Instead of trying to make progress in the first few weeks of the new year, hold off. Go ahead and make a list; add as much as you can think of. Then spend the month of January whittling down the list and investigating the items you find most interesting. Do research on the effort it will take to accomplish what you’re considering. Also, set some milestones so you don’t get overwhelmed while you tackle something big.

Then start on Chinese New Year. You’ll avoid all of the pressure associated with wanting to make progress right away, while having a plan ready to keep you on track.

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